It's not just for Aesthetic! Every skater knows the importance of warming up before a practice or a performance.

Maximize Flexibility - Maximize Results - Minimize Injury

During periods of immobility, it is extremely important to avoid your muscles getting cold which can lead to stiffness and tension that can result in injuries. It is crucial to maintain a safe and healthy body temperature.






  • Microfiber Softness

  • 3D Lycra Technology to provide all over support to the leg

  • 3310 (footed), 3312 (footless) - 40 Denier

  • 3322 (footed), 3323 (footless) - 80 Denier




  • A blend of bamboo viscose and cotton fibers

  • Bamboo keeps colour longer than cotton

  • Bamboo is as soft as cashmere

  • Bamboo is naturally anitbacterial and odor resistance

  • Bamboo has excellent wicking properties that pull moisture away from the skin

  • Fibers ensure hygienic properties and softness throughout the lifetime of the tights

  • 3301 (footed), 3303 (footless)


  • Nilit Innergy converts the naturally occurring thermo energy of the human body into Far Infrared Rays that reflects back to the body causing deep, gentle heating

  • The therapeutic technology behind the fiber:

    • Proven antibacterial properties​

    • Durable and long lasting

    • Repeated washings will not decrease the effectiveness of the technology

  • 3348 (footed)​




  • Heavy weight tights

  • Nylon on the inside for durability

  • Combed cotton on the inside for softness and comfort

  • 3393 (footless), 3395 (footed)




  • This 3D Lycra product is knitted with soft yarn, a unique blend that provides the soft touch, the comfort, and the performance of microfiber yarns along with the quality, durability, and practicality so often desired by all consumers

  • Outstanding overall comfort

  • Excellent moisture absorption capacity, therefore quick drying

  • Ultra matte finish

  • 3337 (footed), 3339 (footless) - 70 Denier

Dress Wright Synchro ITY Heel Leggings

  • Black legs are still popular but when footless tights are pulled over the heel of the skates, there is still white grin through from the skates

  • For a truly opaque consistent black, we have produced our own line of comfortable Heel Leggings in stretchy comfortable ITY

  • Shaped to cover the heel, comfortable, retain their shape, wash well, and retain their colour

  • Available in a full size range from youth to adult to woman's sizing

  • 3P17-ITY/3P18-ITY