Synchro 2019! A letter from Deanna

As one season is winding down, managers and coaches are starting to look ahead to planning for the next. At Dress Wright, we are doing the very same thing. The truth of the matter is, the industry has changed over the past few years and so must our approach to business. As a result, we are delighted to be able to announce a new way for you to be able to complete your orders with us. Dress Wright Synchro is a three-tiered system based on good, better and best value, which will allow for greater flexibility and control of your team’s budget.


  • As of April 1, 2019, payment will be by EMT (E-money transfer) or credit card only.

  • Deposits must be received at the time the contract and invoice are issued or we cannot start work on your team dresses.

  • We’ve made credit card or PayPal payment easy by the addition of our PayNow buttons on our website

  • Shipping or delivery will not take place until the final payment has been received in full, with NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • In the past, shipping charges have not been added to invoices until the garments are ready to ship but this coming year, we will add a standard shipping charge, depending on your location, so we don’t hold up payment, and therefore shipping times.

  • If your team would like a faster shipping time, the difference to the rate will be applied to a separate invoice that is due upon receipt

We thank each team and team manager/treasurer for planning ahead with payments!


We have been privileged to be able to work with so many teams from coast to coast, in Canada, the United States and Europe and look forward to our continued collaboration! Sincerely

Chief Creative Director and CEO Dress Wright On Ice Inc.

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