It's Worth the Challenges!

Let’s face it, by the time we see a synchronized skating team hit the ice in competition, we are seeing the very best version of that team. A lot of hard work has gone into what we see on the ice and it doesn’t go unnoticed by me, that there a lot of challenges. For this week’s blog, I thought it would be fun to bring to light some of those challenges, in the spirit of reminding everyone of the dedication it takes to get to even one event.

Deanna Wright, Owner and Chief Designer for Dress Wright: COSTUME CHALLENGE

“The happy challenge for me is being able to capture the essence of the concept and choreography and translate that into an appropriate dress for competition. It takes terrific and ongoing communication and lots of conversations about what the goal for the program is in order to meet that challenge. The icing on the cake for me is seeing the dresses on the skaters in competition. Success!”

Lisa Miadovnik, former skater and founder of the OneTeamMvmnt: PERSONAL CHALLENGE

“In my opinion, the biggest challenge is balancing the self versus the team. You have to constantly be focused on how you can improve as a skater, but also be mindful of your teammates around you, and how you can be a good teammate for them. This is a delicate balance; too much focus on yourself doesn't work, because it's a team sport! But too much focus on your teammates might mean you lose focus on the part of the equation you control; yourself, your work ethic, your attitude, your skill level, etc. In the end, the best teammates in any sport are the ones who take accountability for their own development, while thinking of others around them. They are the ones who show up to practice early to warm up and stretch and stay late to bond with their teammates. They focus on doing what is best for the team, rather than what may be best for them personally.”

Aimee McKenzie, former synchro choreographer and MA in Ethnochoreology:


“There are huge differences in choreographing singles and synchro starting with the obvious of multiples. However, it starts before that. Music selection for a solo skater depends on their personality, their style and their abilities. Even if you want to “push the envelope” and take them out of their comfort zone, their relationship to the music is evident early on. When choosing music and choreographing for synchro, you are dealing with a group of individuals each bringing their style, preference and abilities to the table. Therefore, when you are choreographing for a synchro team you need to develop movement and create ways for all of the skaters to match the desired performance.”

Lisa Miadovnik, former skater and founder of OneTeamMvmnt: SYNCHRO CHALLENGE

“Thinking about the sport on an international level, I think the biggest challenge still affecting the sport is that by and large, the majority of the world's population has never heard of, or seen, synchronized skating. This negatively affects our sport in so many ways; attraction (joining the sport), attrition (staying in the sport), sponsor investment, sport development, and of course, it's journey to the Olympic games. It is a challenge which as eluded many; how do we get more people to know about synchronized skating? If it were in the Olympics, surely that would be the best way! But until that happens, perhaps our synchro community should take more ownership of how we can build awareness of our sport, because the benefits would be vast.”

Next time you’re at a synchronized skating event, challenge yourself to remember all that has gone into the performances you are watching. Impressive!

Synchronize Your Watch

As challenging as the program is beautiful, this is Team Paradise in their short program from the recent French Cup.

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