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It is widely understood that synchronized skating is the fastest growing discipline in figure skating today. Capitalizing on its popularity is a pathway for keeping prospective skaters engaged and, on the ice longer. No more do we think of synchronized skating as a place for skaters who couldn’t do anything else to pass their time. It is chock-a- block full of talented, devoted and outstanding athletes.

It is also being viewed and treated with more seriousness and respect on the part of national and provincial figure skating bodies. John Briscoe, Manager, Sport, Skate Ontario weighed in: “I believe synchro creates a pathway for thousands of skaters to stay involved in competitive skating for life in a healthy but challenging environment “

For Dress Wright Synchro’s owner and chief designer Deanna Wright, that dedication and commitment is part of what she wants to see represented in the finished garments she creates for the teams that come to her, “I recognize that a lot of effort has gone into defining the concept and refining the choreography for every team, regardless of level.” Deanna continues, “It is one of the best parts of the process for me to be involved in bringing that concept to life.”

As a spectator and fan, I love seeing the relationship between, concept, choreography and costume, the ‘three Cs’ and I am happy to add a fourth: commitment.

Go Synchro!

Synchronize Your Watch

I think that this video with the Helsinki Rockettes is the perfect reflection of the ‘three C’s’ with a big dollop of the fourth: commitment. Here they are from the Neuchatel Trophy 2018 event in their short program which they won.

Team Up! with Dress Wright Synchro: Deanna says that inspiration can be found everywhere. If you are at bit of a loss, help and ideas are as close as the Dress Wright Gallery found here. Don’t forget to check out our dresses that were created along themes that can be the starting point for your team’s look. Check out our catalogue here (pages 16 – 30) for our selection of dresses.

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