Making it Count

Winterfest 2019 wrapped up over the weekend at the CAA Centre in Brampton with over 100 teams and 1,000 synchronized skaters competing. It was the chance for skaters, coaches, officials and fans to see some excellent skating.

Stephanie Klein, the Coordinator, Coaching Programs for Skate Ontario and long-time synchro coach commented, “The opportunity to compete in front of the SYS community, parents, friends and fans is quite simply… exhilarating! A synchro competition is like no other, providing an environment that is not only loud with all of the cheering, dancing and flash mobs, but filled with team comradery, energy, excitement and most of all, full support for all of our athletes.”

It is a process that requires a lot of commitment and dedication.

“Synchro teams spend countless hours practicing. Whether it be on ice skill development, programs or choreography, training periods can range from 3 to 9 months in duration (depending on level of team), before their first event of the season takes place. It is essential for teams to be given an opportunity to present themselves in a competition setting where they can not only showcase all of their hard work, unique programs and of course beautiful dresses,” said Stephanie.

For Dress Wright Synchro’s owner and chief designer Deanna Wright, Winterfest was a wonderful opportunity to see dress creations come to life in competition. When it was all said and done 28 teams competed in 455 Dress Wright dresses. Dresses that started out on paper way back in the late spring/early summer as sketches on paper. "It is so rewarding not to mentionfun to see things come to fruition both on and off the ice.," said Deanna.

A great example of ‘less is more’ is the simple yet beautiful red dress created by Dress Wright and worn by NEXXICE Senior for their Handmaid’s Tale-inspired free program.

Stephanie continued, that the competition allows the teams to “seek feedback from the technical panel and judges regarding the quality of their performance. Competition is healthy, allows for a better understanding at all levels as to what areas should be a focus moving forward with a season and to know where you rank in your category. Following an event, teams can then head home with a clear understanding for the work that must be done, revise and/or set new goals and continue to strive towards improving their technical and program component scores at the next competition.”

The ‘take-aways’ from Winterfest or any event that are helpful for Deanna and others off the ice but also for the teams who competed at Winterfest. Stephanie commented “There are always ‘take-aways’ from events and I hope that all of the teams who competed this past weekend at Winterfest are proud of their accomplishments, bonded and became closer as a team, learned something new, become more confident and thoroughly enjoyed their competition experience!”

Onwards and upwards.

Synchronize Your Watch

What is more fun than watching top synchronized skaters in competition? I chose this video because it shows Les Supremes Junior from the 2015 Canadian Championships. Les Supremes ultimately headed to the ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships, where they won the bronze medal.

Team Up! with Dress Wright Synchro: Deanna says that inspiration can be found everywhere. If you are at bit of a loss, help and ideas are as close as the Dress Wright Gallery found here. Don’t forget to check out our dresses that were created along themes that can be the starting point for your team’s look. Check out our catalogue here (pages 16 – 30) for our selection of dresses.

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