Lights, Camera, Competition!!

Blog post for November 29 – Dress Wright

By: Pj Kwong

The hard work is done. The costumes are ready and the choreography perfected. It can only mean one thing: competition time!

Meraki Elementary team coach Meredith Tutching has competing with teams down to an art and has a couple of competing ‘life hacks’ that she is happy to share: “Number one is BE ORGANIZED! Have lists ready for your skaters and make sure that there is plenty of communication with the parents. The more the better!” Meredith offers “having a schedule at competition that is skater-focused helps everybody be in their best space to compete.”

Observing from the outside, it appears as if the sum of the parts is crucial to a greater ‘whole.’ And from the moment a team arrives in the building, all of the efforts of the skaters, coaches, support staff and parents are geared towards finding a way to support what is going to happen on the ice.

For Dress Wright Synchro’s owner and chief designer Deanna Wright competitions are integral in the creation of a positive experience for the skaters on a team. “A big part of ‘on the ice’ is the costuming. For me, it is a real treat to see what was once an idea or concept that was brought to me by coaches get discussed, worked on and eventually brought to life on the ice by the skaters. So gratifying,” said Deanna.

Meredith weighs in “There should be nothing new on competition day. Recreating everything so that it is exactly the same in competition from practice is so helpful. An organized and prepared skater is a calm skater.”

It’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labours skaters!

Synchronize Your Watch

Seeing how far a team has come is one of the joys of coaching, skating and being a fan of the sport of synchronized skating. In this video, we’re taking a look at Les Supremes from back in the day and recognizing just how far they have come and what leaders they are in the sport. This performance is a fan and Pj favourite – Les Supremes and L-O-V-E from Synchro Worlds in Ottawa in 2003:

Team Up! with Dress Wright Synchro: Deanna says that inspiration can be found everywhere. If you are at bit of a loss, help and ideas are as close as the Dress Wright Gallery found here. Don’t forget to check out our dresses that were created along themes that can be the starting point for your team’s look. Check out our catalogue here (pages 16 – 30) for our selection of dresses.

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