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Blog post for November 15 – Dress Wright

By: Pj Kwong

A Q & A with Dress Wright Synchro’s Deanna Wright

Nothing happens by accident. Walking into the Mississauga rink for work that night, I had no idea that some 20 years later I would still be fast friends with the woman who stopped to chat for a moment. Deanna Wright.

As a coach, I came to rely on Deanna’s professionalism and great sense of style to help me with my skating students (and occasionally me!)


Time for the rest of you to get to know this skating design maverick-entrepreneur too:

Pj – “Your career has had a few incarnations; can you tell me about them?”

DW – “Totally true. My first career was in teaching in small-town Alberta in a High School. When I moved back to the Toronto area, where I was raised, I enrolled in fashion at Ryerson, became a children’s wear designer and the Vice President of a corporate fashion consulting firm. From there, I found my way back to the skating world and eventually opened a figure skating retail store all the while continuing to design and manufacture skating wear. It’s been very rewarding.”

Pj – “Why skating?”

DW- “I was a skater and a proud member of the Unionville Skating Club when I was young, and it was something I loved. I returned to the sport as an adult and completed my Skills and Diamond Dances. Figure skating has everything for me: exercise, the joy of movement, friendships and goal setting.”

Pj – “Why synchronized skating?”

DW – “I think because it would have been a path I would have chosen as a skater. It is a thrilling sport filled with high drama, risk and reward. I love the collaboration that I get to do with my teams in creating their looks and I think that same team work vibe would have been what would have drawn me in and kept me as a synchronized skater.”

Pj – “What would you consider to be your professional highlights?”

DW – “I think every time a synchronized skating team gets in touch with me is a professional highlight. To get the chance to be a part of the creative and competitive journey of these skaters, in even a small way, is a privilege that I relish.”

In my mind, Deanna Wright is one of the best friends synchronized skating has ever had.

Synchronize Your Watch

If creativity is the name of the game, then Team Surprise from Sweden has been one of the sport’s major players. This video showcases some of the highlights of Team Surprise who are hanging up their skates after 35 years – enjoy the memories:

Team Up! with Dress Wright Synchro: Deanna says that inspiration can be found everywhere. If you are at bit of a loss, help and ideas are as close as the Dress Wright Gallery found here. Don’t forget to check out our dresses that were created along themes that can be the starting point for your team’s look. Check out our catalogue here (pages 16 – 30) for our selection of dresses.

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