Going Under Cover

As much as a house is made more beautiful by the decorating, the truth is that without solid underpinnings, it doesn’t matter. The same can be said for synchronized skating dresses.

Creating a look for a team that has skinny straps or multiple cut outs can be a challenge when dressing a team not the least of which are undergarments that show in a range of colours and styles on the skaters.

Enter a selection of undergarments available through Mondor that match the hues of their tights. For Dress Wright Synchro’s owner and chief designer Deanna Wright, it’s a ‘no brainer’. “You want the design of the dress to shine within the context of the program as it enhances the theme and choreography. Once everything is set for competition, then the last step is to make sure that everything is comfortable under the dress”, says Deanna.

With a range of styles, sizes and types of garments for both male and female skaters, finding what you need isn’t going to be a problem. “The reality is, synchronized skating is very athletic and having under wear that addresses the needs for support in undergarments cannot be stressed enough. By selecting the correct bodyliner, the fit of the dress is optimized and the highest degree of comfort and support for the athlete is achieved, which promotes the best movement in performance,” said Deanna.

So, going ‘under cover’ to make sure your skaters are covered, is where it’s at.


I chose this video because it shows just what kinds of cut outs and intricacies you can see on a top team’s synchronized skating dress; this from Russia’s Team Paradise for their short program at the ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships in 2018.


Deanna says that Dress Wright Synchro can help with dressing your team with items that are seen and those that are simply felt by the skaters. Check out our catalogue for ideas here and contact us for your undergarment needs.

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