“To Accessorize or…? Wait, it’s not even a question!”

One of my all-time favourite movies is “Steel Magnolias” and one of my favourite lines from that movie was said by the character Clairee Belcher. “The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize.” That doubles for me – I love anything that makes an outfit stand out.

When you think about it, the perfect street outfit is sometimes defined by the little touches that embellish it. In synchronized skating. It’s those little touches that can make the difference in the leap from a beautiful, to a gorgeous skating dress.

If skating ‘as one’ is the goal, then dressing the skaters in such a way as to enhance that quality goes a long way to helping achieve competitive success. Accessories aren’t just about bling, they can also amplify a program’s theme.

Dress Wright Synchro’s owner and chief designer Deanna Wright says: “Creating and executing a theme-based costume complete with accessories, can be of huge help to a team who is looking to distinguish themselves from their competition.”

Skate Oakville’s Director of Synchronized Skating Jennifer O’Brien has been in this sport’s coaching game long enough to have coached teams at every level of the sport. Costuming which includes the accessories, is just one of the many aspects involved in putting a team’s best foot forward. “Using accessories are important if they make sense with the program like gloves which could finish and enhance a look, but again, only if it matches the statement you are creating.”

Jennifer remembers coaching a couple of teams and using Dress Wright Synchro to create the look: “The costumes were brought to life by Deanna. A single red rose as an accent to the skaters’ buns in a tango program with a simple black lace dress. Or the choker that was the perfect touch for a rocker program,” said Jennifer.

To re-cap: Deanna offers: “the right accessories can help augment the total package for a team’s competitive look. Like any other performance art. It’s all about the commitment to the part on all fronts; just like an actor in a play.”

A synchronized skating team, like any other set of performers, looks forward to giving us a performance at their very peak and playing and looking the part is at its very core.


I chose this video because I loved the way that the belt and the monochromatic theme of the outfits created the illusion that all the skaters were similar in stature and frame. Simple yet elegant and very effective.


Deanna says accessories are a great way to enhance the character or look of a competition dress for a team. Check out our catalogue here for our selection of accessories and how to order.

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