Completing the Look

Looking out from the crowd to the waiting skaters at a synchronized skating competition, you can’t help but notice the costumes on any given team. Often beautiful and colourful, the costumes are the first thing that you can see that tie a team not only together but to their music as well.

Everybody has a part to play in executing ‘the look’ on the ice. The coach wants to feel as if their artistic vision has been realized and the skaters want to feel credible. The importance of the costume matching the music and choreography and acting as a cornerstone in performance cannot be understated.

For MK MacDougall as a skater on the former ground breaking Canadian synchronized skating team black ice, great costuming was everything: “As a skater, having the right dress is invaluable. You want to go out on the ice feeling unstoppable because you are wearing something that looks and feels amazing.”

That ‘amazing’ feeling is a by-product of collaboration between a team’s coaches and the team creating the look.

For MK, now a coach with the Meraki Synchronized Skating organization, working with Dress Wright Synchro’s owner and chief designer Deanna Wright has been a huge help: “As a coach, I have found the most important part of creating the right dress for my team is collaborating with Deanna. I give Deanna a general concept of what my theme is (including sending her the music) and she runs with it. Every dress I have had made (by Dress Wright) has been a true reflection of the look I want for my team.”

Let’s take it back a step. How does the team at Dress Wright come up with that ‘true reflection?’. Deanna Wright says: “In truth the inspiration can come from all kinds of different places. in this day and age, it is all found on social media – Pinterest, Google image search, among other sites including watching YouTube videos of other teams’ skating to see their take on different themes.”

Next time you’re at a competition admiring not only the skating but the costumes on the skaters, take a moment to think about the work that got them from concept to completion and competition. It’s quite a journey.


YouTube is a great way to see some great synchronized skating and I will admit to spending more hours than I likely should watching the best of the best. One of the things that this video will show you is the impact that hair accessories can have on a program. This is Team Japan at the ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships in 2015.


Deanna says that hair accessories can elevate the look of any costume. Hair accessories can change an ordinary costume into one that is eye-catching and extraordinary. Check out our catalogue here for our selection of hair accessories and how to order.

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