It’s not just for Aesthetic! Every skater knows the importance of warming up before a practice or a performance.

During periods of immobility, it is extremely important to avoid your muscles getting cold which can lead to stiffness and tension that can result in injuries. It is crucial to maintain a safe and healthy body temperature.

So we wear tight to

Maximize Flexibility– Maximize Results – Minimize Injury

The Importance of Quality

Mondor tights are made with carefully selected fibres and materials to provide exceptional support and comfort. Dress Wright On Ice offers an extensive range of Mondor tights with styles from Performance to Natural tights that will surely meet any skater’s needs.

Check out : http://www.dresswright.com/tights

When selecting the colour of your tights, there is a lot to choose from. A new trend is on the colour Caramel, a more natural skin tone. Caramel has taken over from the ever popular Suntan for the colour of choice.

It is time to start tabulating the size and quantities of tights to be ordered to ensure you will have orders delivered for Mid November delivery. Orders should be placed not later than October 26th, 2018 please.