Taking the Plunge

I am not going to lie. My favourite time of year is the Fall, for some many other reasons than simply the arrival of cooler weather and the change of colours. I remember well the start of school with my own kids, and the choices that we had to make about the extra curricular activities that would be ruling the family schedule over the next six months or longer.

September always brings parents and skaters back to the rink and one of the things to look at is whether or not to add synchronized skating to the week’s activities. There is a lot to be said for participating in this dynamic sport.

Neither myself nor Deanna Wright, owner and chief designer for Dress Wright Synchro were skating when Synchro was around but listen to what Deanna says about participating in the sport had it been available: “I would have loved synchro skating because I loved ice show skating. It didn't exist when I was a younger person but I know if it had been around I would have loved it. I think one of the most awesome things to see is the 'sisterhood' the way that experiences are shared, creating something together, working towards a common goal - closer than your other friends - the sisterhood is a gift.”

Being part of the ‘sisterhood’ is a common thread for many of the skaters. In fitting the teams, Deanna comments that “working with synchro teams is very creative.”

Observing the sport from the outside as a former skater now coach, and (in her spare time) entrepreneur and creative director for CharlenekBaley.com, Charlene Bailey talks about the reasons for joining a synchro team: “I think a skater would consider Synchro because they are looking for a different dimension to a sport that they already love. Growing up, I loved to jump and I loved to spin and I loved to be lifted, which is why I chose the singles and pairs route because at the time, synchro wasn't really doing a lot of that at a competitive level. Having worked with Synchro skaters a variety of levels this summer at the OneTeamMvmt camp in Laval QC, I was amazed at the sensation I felt from simply jumping into a circle and skating with the athletes. It was the perfect combination of everything that makes me tick - pure magic.”

There is no doubt that a sprinkle of magic is something that can drive a lot of people, myself included. In all phases of life, from young childhood to adulthood, there are challenges and being part of a synchro team allows for someone to go through the good and the bad with friends at their side.

Seems like a great use of time to me.


This video is from the ISU and I wanted to show it to you because it reflects that teamwork concept that I think is so important in synchronized skating.


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