Let's Get Creative

It’s that time of year where all the creative juices start bubbling to bring new programs together. For Dress Wright Synchro, the excitement is all about The Dress!

Just like on “Say Yes to the Dress”, the first thing you want to think about is your budget. Share this with us because there are ways of getting creative with the design while honouring your budget!

Things to consider:

Construction – the more complicated the design the more it will cost. If there are a lot of smaller pieces, straps and binding, it takes more time to pattern, cut and sew. Simple construction can still look bold!

Coverage – the more coverage, the more material, the higher the cost. Dresses with long, draping sleeves and multiple layers of skirt use more material. Even the number of layers of material in a dress can make a difference. Using lace over a fabric looks beautiful (we do it a lot!) but can contribute to a higher price level than finding a fabric that might stand alone as a single layer.

Detail work like applique can make a big impact to a dress but the added time for this work adds cost.

DIY! Doing your own crystalling, adding trims, appliques, sequins and fringe can save the team money. When you have a strong team of parents/managers who can do this well, and maintain consistency of application, it also adds to pride of ownership and a sense of team.

Choose different qualities of crystals to use. Swarovski are beautiful crystals but there are high quality glass crystals that are work well so your team will sparkle and shine. Ask us about options!

Let the fabric talk! Introducing :

Sublimated art on simple construction can raise a simple design to be exceptional! More exciting details to follow in a couple of weeks!

Time is Money

  1. Give us your specific order by size. Follow the video How to Measure at www.dresswright.com, download and complete the measurement chart, then use the sizing charts so you can work out what size would best suit each skater. These downloads are available from Let's Get Organized under the HOME tab. Minimizing custom sizing saves you money.

  2. Have a local dress maker level your dresses.

  3. Choose a basic style and customize it to make it your own whether it is by fabric choice or design detail.

Amortized costs. As in other parts of skating, some costs are amortized over the number of skaters on a team. This means some costs such as patterning, are less for larger teams than smaller teams.

In Summary – the cost of your dress is based on time and material. We are proudly Canadian, so our labour costs are much different than dresses that are made offshore. And order quantities are smaller than offshore production. When setting your team budgets please consider the time it takes to design, pattern, cut and sew a dress!