What’s Trending – 2018

Over the past year we have had lots to watch (Olympics, World Synchro, even Meghan Markle’s wedding!) and consider when looking at skating fashion.

Here are some highlights to consider:


This seems to have the most diverse change.

At the Olympics we saw a lot of single layer, sheer skirts. Gone are the days of being worried about panties showing through the chiffon. It makes for a lighter look – especially for very fit bodies!

We are seeing more fitted skirts. This was in part because of the Latin ballroom influence from the short dance music choice. For several years Dress Wright Synchro has used fabric like ITY for single layer skirts that are opaque enough for good coverage but also have great swish on the ice. This fabric lends itself to fitted or fuller skirts.

In contrast, in Synchro we are seeing more tulle skirts or tulle over a colour. This is a little bit reminiscent of Dior in the 1950’s but is also a less expensive fabric option – fullness in layers without cost. Downside – it doesn’t have the flow and flutter as a chiffon or georgette.

Waistbands and belts

Higher waistlines, not as many traditional drop waistlines but skirts coming from the natural waistline – as might be found more in the dance industry.

This can lead to some cost saving construction because skaters can use a leotard with a pull on skirt (less construction and more versatility because you can potentially wear the same leotard with a different skirt or vice versa).

Belts are sometimes considered to cut the body and accentuate the waistline but we have found they can also give definition to the figure.

Less is more

As influenced by the trends in the dance word, there is a tendency for fewer crystals and embellishments, as seen my Tessa Virtue’s Olympic short dance practice outfits and even Meghan Markle’s wedding dress. The idea is to let the performance speak for itself, instead of the costume making the bigger statement. That being said, synchronized skating is still a performance sport and Tessa and Scott certainly had a lot of crystals on their competition costumes! It’s maybe more a matter of tone on tone crystals now.

Now that we’ve had a chance to ponder what’s trending, stay tuned for next week’s blog “Let’s Get Creative”, with some economical ideas to consider when designing your new synchronized team dresses!