Relationships - It's Not Me, It's You

Love is in the air. Make no mistake about it, the fans and skaters devoted to the sport of synchronized skating are second to none in terms of their passion. When you are backstage at a synchronized skating competition, it’s a sea of skaters moving around as one. The same for the stands. Groups of skaters, parents and supporters are seated together by teams. The parents and team supporters are often in the same colours of the team’s competition outfits or club colours. I love the ‘one for all and all for one’ aspect of this sport.

It’s interesting because the scope of the relationships that are involved are complex and quite dynamic. Lisa Miadovnik, founder of synchronized skating’s One Team Movement has had a passion for synchronized skating for practically her whole life. “As a young girl, I LOVED figure skating, but it was the friendships created through synchro that gave me a sense of belonging and fulfillment. The interesting thing about synchro is that you have to take the initiative to improve yourself like you do in singles, but the difference is, you’re never alone - your teammates are always there to help you, to push you, to inspire you. It is that team environment that allowed me to flourish as an athlete and a person, and has kept me in the sport for life,” said Lisa.

Being able to tap into the heart of synchronized skating’s passion goes part in parcel in designing for a synchronized skating team. “In all relationships good open communication is key. We feel that by listening and producing good quality, comfortable well-designed garments in a timely manner, we earn the respect of our clients. In essence, we become part of the “team” that supports the synchro team,” said Deanna Wright, Owner and Head Designer of Dress Wright Synchro.

Lisa adds, “The strongest friendships are born through triumphs and trials, and because of synchro, some of the teammates I had when I was 13 are still my best friends today.”

For Deanna, getting the chance to see one of her dresses on a team in competition is its own reward. “Love it! I am proud, but also critical (what could we have done better?), and excited for the team to do their best because of the investment of time and energy they have all put into getting to that point!”

Synchronized skating offers support, friendships and relationships that go way beyond the boards.

Director of Synchro for Skate Oakville, Jennifer O’Brien offered, “I feel the most significant relationship on a synchro team is skater to skater. I marvel how relationships are built with a team. They learn to trust, to work through differences and to stand together. They work hard, they progress, they have set back and accomplishments. But what they really remember, is experiencing things together!”


I remember sitting in Ottawa in the stands at the ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships and watching Canada’s Les Supremes in this outstanding short program. In honour of Valentine’s Day and the love of synchronized team, a look back at their L-O-V-E program.


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