Dressing for Synchro Skating Success

The clothes make the man (or woman). There is something to be said for an outfit that makes you feel your best. That same idea is one of the cornerstones of performance sports like synchronized team skating. There is something about looking good that makes you feel good and helps optimize the chances of your team skating better.

Dresses and skating dress budgets come in all shapes and sizes and being realistic about what is financially feasible for your team makes it easier to create the look you are after on a budget.

Deanna Wright, Owner and Head designer for Dress Wright Synchro remembers working with an Adult 1 Team called Source from Ottawa. “Coach Susan Chouinard emailed mid-October 2016 saying ‘…. We have a tight budget so are looking for a simple design. I have attached a drawing of an idea.’ The sketch was similar to our V-Halter leotard from our catalogue with the addition of a fringed skirt. We proposed using the in-stock leotard and then creating the skirt from an existing pattern to stay on budget. We shipped the dresses to the team and they added all their own crystals. The dresses look great and they have pride of ownership because of their part in the finishing.” The halter top leotard that was the basis for the design and the finished product can be seen below.

The inset was the basis for the finished design.

Dress Wright Synchro can help you figure out the best garments for you to decorate on your own and bring your vision to life. There is also the cost-effective possibility of selecting a dress and ordering as many as are needed for your team in the sizes that you need.

Determining the style priorities for your team is part of the focus for Deanna. When meeting with a team who is looking for a dress on a budget, Deanna advises, “Choose an existing style, let the fabric talk. The fabric can go a long way to helping a synchronized skating team establish their identity. And finally, do your own embellishment and don’t be afraid to get creative. Just like on the TV show Say Yes to the Dress, it is very important to share your budget at the start of the design process, in order to find the best solution to your dress design.”

With an open mind and a touch of imagination, putting your best foot – er blade- forward is not as hard as you might have thought when dressing your team for success.


Western Ontario is well known to skating competition organizers as a great place with wonderful volunteers. Events can’t happen without this dedicated group of people. When the hard work is done in putting the event together, skaters can shine in performance. In this case, the venue is Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada) and the team is Sweden 2 skating to Coldplay in their short program.


Deanna says that creating a great look for your synchronized skating team on a budget can be achieved by starting with one of the wardrobe basics found on pages 8 - 10 in the Dress Wright Synchro catalogue, and then embellishing on your own.

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