Outfitting a Synchronized Skating Team

I love synchronized skating. If the sport had been around when I was a skater, I would have been all in. One of the fun things to see when you are at a synchronized skating competition is what I call the ‘Parade of Teams.’ That’s the moment when the synchronized skating teams are moving through the arena ‘en masse’ from practice areas to the seats to the buses and beyond. I love looking at the outfits.

The outfits go a long way in helping to establish the identity of a synchronized skating team. That identity is also important in identifying the club to which the synchro team belongs. Not surprisingly, in this day and age, it’s all about branding.

A strong brand serves a couple of different purposes where synchronized skating is concerned: it clearly groups the skaters together and by attaching the team to a club, it can potentially attract new skaters to that club.

Before her career in figure skating, Dress Wright Synchro’s owner and chief designer Deanna Wright created designs for companies that married their image to its staff uniforms. By listening to the client, a customized look could be created. The same principles apply to skating clubs and synchronized skating teams. “It’s all about first impressions. Does your team look confident and put together? It speaks to thoughtful consideration of all the parts that make up the whole; and strong brand identification makes a statement about one’s commitment to a common goal," said Deanna Wright.

Investing in outfits is often a decision that is arrived at from the club and not just at the synchronized skating coach level. Dress Wright Synchro knows how to hep identify the brand of a club and make it work on jackets, active wear and accessories that can be used not only by the club’s synchronized skating team but by other stakeholders in the club.

Oakville Edge coach Jennifer O’Brien validates the importance of this uniform look: “A well thought out plan on building a wardrobe for a synchro team makes dressing for success easy!”

Dress Wright Synchro can help you with a streamlined ordering process and a consistent uniform look for your synchronized skating team and even other club skaters.


If you don’t already know, Synchronized Skating is super competitive. This video shows 2017 World Champions Team Paradise from Russia’s free program who took the title by only .12.


Deanna says that outfitting the team is one of the ways to distinguish your synchro team from the others. Pages 4 – 7 in the Dress Wright Synchro Catalogue will get you started with activewear.

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