Measuring Up

It’s confession time: I am an “-ish” kind of person. What this means is that you don’t want someone like me to measure the skaters on your synchronized skating team for their Dress Wright Synchro dresses.

The fact of the matter is that we as humans come in all shapes and sizes. In a ‘one size fits all’ (or none?) kind of world, the key to perfectly dressing a team in synchro can only happen by considering the different body types on a synchronized skating team.

They key ingredient in the recipe for visual ‘oneness’ for synchronized skating teams is submitting accurate measurements in the first place. This can be especially challenging when fitting younger skaters on a team. “We try to be generous in sizing the children and will definitely err on the side of bigger instead of smaller, but from when they are measured before the season until April they really and truly don't usually grow so quickly that extra measurements need to be added!” said Deanna Wright, owner and chief designer for Dress Wright Synchro.

By taking the time in measuring and not ‘guess-timating’, the end-product will check all of the boxes on your wardrobe wish list. “Otherwise when you get your dresses, you will be upset that they don't fit nicely,” offered Deanna, “by adding to or approximating the measurements, it can end up throwing the proportions off and the dresses are not comfortable or flattering for the skaters.”

Don’t forget, the fabrics for today’s skaters, including synchro teams, are stretchy and the sizing is based on a range, all of which contributes to the quality of the final product. The dresses are something that the skaters on your synchronized skating team wear at competition instead of every day. Looking your best is one part of aiming to be the best you can be and measuring as accurately as possible enables Dress Wright Synchro to make the correct assessment for sizing.

As the saying goes, ‘one accurate measurement is worth a thousand opinions’. Let Dress Wright Synchro help your synchronized skating team measure up.


This video is Dress Wright Synchro’s step by step video guide to taking measurements for your synchronized skating team and I wanted to show it to you!


If you’re anything like me, you will want to look at the same information in different ways. In this case, check out the Dress Wright catalogue and on page 2 you’ll find an illustration explaining measuring.

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