Wardrobe Economics - Synchro Skating

You only need to walk around a shopping centre to know how expensive things can get. Imagine that same trip while trying to figure out how to dress a synchronized skating team on a budget.

Potential nightmare.

In synchronized skating and at Dress Wright Synchro, the ‘whole’ is greater than the sum of its parts, and creating the ‘whole’ has many parts including the garments. The decisions that need to be made about what the skaters on your synchronized skating team are going to wear on and off the ice can come down to simple economics. Wardrobe economics.

Back to the mall, where there are always options in the athletic aisle of every department or specialty retail store that include leggings or pants, tops and jackets.

“A strong team brand supports the broader strategic competitive ideas and objectives for the team. This assists in giving the skaters an identity, sense of belonging and being apart of a bigger whole,” said Jennifer O’Brien, veteran synchronized skating coach and leader for Skate Oakville’s EDGE synchronized skating programs and teams (www.edgesynchro.com).

The fly in the ointment is trying to ensure correct sizing for all members of the synchronized skating team. Then there’s the challenge of making sure that you can replace items that may or may not go out of fashion and/or stock. Retail shopping is definitely an option but also a gamble.

Dress Wright Synchro sees outfitting a team as an investment. The solution to the retail problem is simple: create a customized look for your team that the skaters will be happy to wear on and off the ice. The principle is simple, by investing in quality pieces that the skaters can wear over and over again, the cost of each garment per outing is diminished. Not only that, but in the case of activewear like jackets, they can be turned back in at the end of one season and used again during the next. Replacements and additions are no problem at Dress Wright Synchro. After the initial investment, it’s about maintaining the team’s customized wardrobe program.

“Wear a garment once, it costs you $100. Wear it twice, it costs you $50, and so on down the line. Invest in active wear that is comfortable, moves well for your sport, is easy care and looks great, and by the of the season it has paid for itself many times over,” said Deanna Wright, owner and chief designer of Dress Wright Synchro.

The same principle applies to both practice and competition dresses. By planning early, there can be multiple opportunities for the dresses to be worn; again, decreasing the cost per outing for each dress.

Wardrobe economics = nightmare averted.


This video features two-time World Synchronized Skating champions NEXXICE (www.nexxice.ca). If there was ever a team that was put together, NEXXICE is a great example on and off the ice. I was in the building when they won the short program at the ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships in 2013 and the bonus is they were in Dress Wright Synchro dresses at the time.


Leggings are a great addition to any team outfit and can be part of the overall branding of your synchronized skating team. In the case of Dress Wright Synchro, our leggings are comfortable, durable and are designed by skaters for skaters.

Check out page 6 in the Dress Wright Synchro’s catalogue (dresswright.com/catalogue) for inspiration for your team leggings.

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